Updated Monthly. By no means is this a comprehensive list. Please see this Zotero for more studies.


Performance Optimization of Building Facade Floodlighting under Dynamic Sky Luminance

The impact of lighting trespass on nearby buildings and their inhabitants which derives from municipal stadiums. Early results from a post occupancy evaluation survey

Façade lighting of hotel buildings: Integration in the city and their impact on light pollution

Urban nightscapes and lighting master plans. Case study of Liepāja.

Healthier and Environmentally Responsible Sustainable Cities and Communities. A New Design Framework and Planning Approach for Urban Illumination


Skyglow inside your eyes: intraocular scattering and artificial brightness of the night sky

Long-term trends of light pollution assessed from SQM measurements and an empirical atmospheric model

Modeling the artificial night sky brightness at short distances from streetlights

The Capability of Astrotourism on Preserving Sustainability: A Case Study in Malaysia

Elastic LIDAR Monitoring of the Night-sky Brightness over Roque de los Muchachos Observatory

Light pollution indicators for all the major astronomical observatories


A path forward in the investigation of seabird strandings attributed to light attraction

Using Citizen Science Data to Investigate Annual Survival Rates of Resident Birds in Relation to Noise and Light Pollution

Artificial lighting affects the landscape of fear in a widely distributed shorebird

Quantifying the influence of urban biotic and abiotic environmental factors on great tit nestling physiology


Attraction of Insects to Ornamental Lighting Used on Cultural Heritage Buildings: A Case Study in an Urban Area

An External Coincidence Model for the Lunar Cycle Reveals Circadian Phase-Dependent Moonlight Effects on Coral Spawning

Light alters activity but does not disturb tandem coordination of termite mating pairs

Effect of artificial light on activity in frugivorous bats (Pteropodidae)

Artificial light at night affects plant–herbivore interactions

Under the influence of light: How light pollution disrupts personality and metabolism in hermit crabs

Impact of light pollution on nocturnal pollinators and their pollination services

Blue light stimulates light stress and phototactic behavior when received in the brain of Diaphorina citri


Controlling the artificial radiance of the night sky: The Añora urban laboratory

Study of the quality of the dark sky environment of urban parks in Fuzhou based on field measurements

Environmental Justice.

Historical neighbourhood redlining and contemporary environmental racism

Does Light Pollution Affect Nighttime Ground-Level Ozone Concentrations?

Human Health.

Outdoor artificial light at night and human health: A review of epidemiological studies

Impact of Solid State Roadway Lighting on Melatonin in Humans

Outdoor light at night in relation to glucose homoeostasis and diabetes in Chinese adults: a national and cross-sectional study of 98,658 participants from 162 study sites

Artificial light at night triggers slight transcriptomic effects on melatonin signaling but not synthesis in tadpoles of two anuran species


The effect of pedestrian lighting on facial expression recognition with 3D models: A lab experiment