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  • Radio Aero Ecology

    Radio Aero Ecology

    We talk birds, eclipses, and are you interested in purchasing land in a Dark Sky sanctuary… An incredibly enlightening show on birds today! Joining me from the University of Delaware Aeroecology lab, Mr. Jeff Buler, from the Actual Astronomy Podcast, Mr. Shane Ludke, and making his triumphant return after finding the darkened orb in the…

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  • Sonification


    The Great American Eclipse Part II is nearly upon us! Hope you have your plans set! Joining from all the way in Trinidad and Tobago, Isa Mohammed! From an undisclosed space in the desert, Dark Sky’s own, Bettymaya Foott. And educator – astrophotographer, Mr. Frank Turina! This month, there’s a ferry station in Seattle that…

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  • Ar Hyd Y Nos

    Ar Hyd Y Nos

    Plenty on the plate this afternoon! We learned new details on how nighttime flying insects use light at night. Colorado’s wealthiest ski town decided to create a new Dark Sky ordinance, but should 311 be the mechanism of enforcement? A couple pays 100 in legal fees after they fail to convince a judge of light…

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  • Why It’s So Bright at Night?

    Why It’s So Bright at Night?

    ‘Why It’s So Bright at Night’ is a periodic episode of Light Pollution News, where host Bill McGeeney sits down and chats to understand the positions of people who advocate for light. The show’s intent is to spur conversation and understanding, helping all of us work together to a common unified goal of a better…

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  • A Space for Celebration

    A Space for Celebration

    This Month, calling in live from Sydney, Lauren Collee adds a unique cultural view of night! As well does a man who converted dark sky skeptics to believers in his home Massachusetts town, astronomer, Tim Brothers! And…the brains behind one of the most talked about recent documentaries in Dark Skies, Ms. Tara Roberts Zabriskie! We…

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  • Walking in a Freakily Large Planetarium.

    Walking in a Freakily Large Planetarium.

    This month, from AstroBackyard, we have Ashley Northcotte! Diane Turnshek joins us and details some fun news about a video game you cannot win! And Dark Sourced, Mr. Kerem Asfuroglu joins us all the way from Ireland! We’re putting the pedal down to start the New Year! Astrotourism may be at risk for Ely, Nevada!…

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  • Your Holiday Bonus!

    Your Holiday Bonus!

    Happy Holidays from Light Pollution News! Here’s a special gift episode as a thank you for your continued support in 2023! In this special mini-episode, host Bill McGeeney shares six articles left out of the normal month to month cycle! Stay tuned to for a post-show wrap up montage!

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  • VIP Session Under the Bridge

    VIP Session Under the Bridge

    We finish out 2023 with a great panel! Youth Advocate Bonnie Peng returns! Stephen Hummel of the McDonald Observatory and Mr. Travis Novitsky of the Grand Portage Anishinaabe Nation join us for a vibrant discussion asking if Light Pollution really is a pollutant. We discuss the mental health effects of dislodged circadian rhythms. Drone shows…

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  • Asphalt Dreams!

    Asphalt Dreams!

    The Sphere is alive! Will the Sphere be the shape of things to come? How do Animals like sea turtles and deer see the world? Chicago’s house of horrors continues its gruesome march through history! And, how would you feel about a lit ring atop your car? Host Bill McGeeney is joined by Ben Chappell…

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  • The Perma-Noon Super Highway

    The Perma-Noon Super Highway

    This month – are we talking about Light Pollution all wrong? What is a Dark Sky Resort, and is it a good thing? Bird Migration is in full swing – what is your community doing to help birds safely pass through? And, is Environmental Justice really a thing with regards to Light Pollution? Host Bill…

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  • Sensory Deprivation

    Sensory Deprivation

    This month – we look at Cleveland’s new plan to breath life into its downtown! Are Net Zero Light Pollution Goals commendable? Starlink is now photobombing radio observatories! Is Astro-Tourism good for parks? Listen to two very pertinent poems you’ll not want to miss! And, there’s been a theft! Care to know what has gone…

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  • Fireflies, Rise Up

    Fireflies, Rise Up

    This month – Big changes in store as the incandescent light bulb bites the dust! Light at night is shown to reduce estrogen levels! Ever want to go to a star party with a Drag show? Is Unistellar the answer? And what on Earth is going on at the Arizona border? Host Bill McGeeney is…

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  • Morse Code for the ISS

    Morse Code for the ISS

    This month, we share with you the ultimate summer road map for your Space themed Flagstaff trip! There’s a French Town where YOU have the power to turn ON street lights! What does Scripture say about Light Pollution? Corals are in trouble! And much more! Join us for Light Pollution News. This month, host, Bill…

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  • Unpacking the Light Police

    Unpacking the Light Police

    This month, we ask Texas, is 7 enough? Leave some dark sky reserves for the rest of us, Texas! We learn that birds are not only remarkable meteorologist, but they have on-time departure numbers that’ll make American Airlines blush. John Barentine, of Dark Sky Consulting joins us on the show, along everyone’s favorite birder-conservationist, Kaitlyn…

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  • The Lumens are Calling.

    The Lumens are Calling.

    Today, we surmise about the coming Lumen apocalypse. And we take a journey to learn about the history of light temperatures. We learn about light pollution’s impact on mosquitos. A new study casts doubt on street light’s impact on melatonin. Plus, is darkness becoming a luxury? We have an excellent panel this month featuring Dark…

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  • Neighborhood Looks Like a Truck Stop

    Neighborhood Looks Like a Truck Stop

    This month, we talk about one town’s lighting dilemma, warning for pregnant women, join lights out, and learn about light’s impact on birds! Light Pollution. Joining us, Brendan Happe of the Philadelphia Moon Men and Daylon Burt of Astro Escape!

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  • 3: Like a Sun

    3: Like a Sun

    This month, I’m joined by youth advocate, Bonnie Peng, and, conservationist and avid bird enthusiast, Kaitlyn Evans. We take a look at some of the most interesting articles to grace the topic of light pollution! Today, learn about the first African American astronomer. Take a ride on the Stargazer train, complete with a glass of…

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  • 2: Ice Crystal Light Beams

    2: Ice Crystal Light Beams

    This month, ‘Why Falling Asleep with the Lights on is bad for your health,’ How ‘Red Lighting could rewild night skies plagued by light pollution,’ ‘Urban light pollution could be a threat to marine ecosystems,’ ‘How Pollution is rising faster than anyone predicted!’ and much more!

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  • 1: Hormone of Darkness

    1: Hormone of Darkness

    In this episode, California Governor Gavin Newsome says light must shine on! Vetoes responsible lighting bill for gov’t buildings. Plus, Automatic measurement of LP, Spooky Street Lights, and a VA town struggling to protect its skies!

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  • 0: What is Light Pollution?

    0: What is Light Pollution?

    Light pollution reaches far and wide, impacting the natural order of wildlife to possibly affecting human health, and more.

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